Across the Globe: Artist Spotlight #8

by Unseen2 September 13 2018

The galleries have been announced, the artists confirmed, but do you know who’s who? In the weeks leading up to Unseen Amsterdam 2018 we’ll be shining a light on each of the artists represented by the participating galleries. This week, we will be moving across the pond, looking at the work of artists exhibiting at this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam from galleries from the United States of America.

Aperture Foundation (US)
Natalie Krick 
(US, 1986) delves into female sexuality and beauty ideals constructed through contemporary pop culture and/or fashion. Krick present Natural Deceptions at Unseen Amsterdam 2018 next week, a series in which she photographed her mother after giving her a makeover to match standards set by the beauty industry. Meanwhile, David Alekhuogie (US, 1986) investigates memory, technology, media and power.

Untitled, from the series Nikes, 2017 © David Alekhuogie_Aperture Foundation_0.jpg

Image: Untitled, from the series Nikes, 2017 © David Alekhuogie/Aperture Foundation

Kopeikin Gallery (US)
Alejandro Cartagena
(DO, 1977) highlights presence through absence in his new series Presence. The artist creates unique spectral group portraits by cutting out anonymous figures in found black and white images. Joanna Dugan (US, 1961) employs analogue photographic materials to evoke visual renderings of time, space and various states of human consciousness. Her series Multiples consists of repetitive sequences of similar photographs, each set containing one outlying image. Rounding off Kopeikin Gallery’s exhibiting artists is Katrin Korfmann (DE, 1971) who worked together with Jens Pfeifer to create the series Back Stages, a visual manifest of the artistic and cultural creation process. Fascinated by the manufacturing system of art and culture as opposed to the romantic notion of the lonely artist in the studio, Korfmann observes specific public places, made visible through the presentation of different sequential incidents in one single spatial arrangement.

Marble Carrara, from the series Back Stages, 2017 © Katrin Korfmann_Kopeikin Gallery_0.jpg

Image: Marble Carrara, from the series Back Stages, 2017 © Katrin Korfmann/Kopeikin Gallery

Meyohas (US)
ING Unseen Talent Award Finalist Eva O’Leary (IE, 1989) underlines the disparity between America’s polished exterior and the realities it conceals. Names after the artist’s hometown, O’Leary presents her series Happy Valley, which re-examines the social values of American society.

Two Brothers, from the series Happy Valley, 2016 © Eva O'Leary_Meyohas_0.jpg

Image: Two Brothers, from the series Happy Valley, 2016 © Eva O'Leary/Meyohas

Red Hook Labs (US)
Alice Mann
(ZA, 1991) will be presenting her ongoing series Dummies at Unseen Amsterdam, in which the artist continues to work with portraiture and long-term personal projects. Exhibiting Education is Forbidden, Rahima Gambo (NG, 1986) uses photography, text, illustration and film to examine Nigerian identity, gender, history and socio-political issues. Ruth Ossai (NG, 1992) meanwhile aims to empower Nigerian communities and the African diaspora with her work, portraying and photographing local people, constructing magical backdrops, transporting her models to the fantasy works of their own design. Describing her photographs as ‘unapologetically Nigerian’, don’t miss her work at Unseen Amsterdam next week.

Omeje Chibuike and Onah Sopulu, from the series Nkata Anyi Abughi Otu, 2018 © Ruth Ossai_Red Hook Labs_0.jpg

Image: Omeje Chibuike and Onah Sopulu, from the series Nkata Anyi Abughi Otu, 2018 © Ruth Ossai/Red Hook Labs

Casemore Kirkeby (US)
Sean McFarland
(US, 1976) explores contemporary and historical perceptions of the landscape. His series Sleeping Flowers investigates cyclical processes: the rising and receding tide, waking and sleeping, life and death, night and day. Also exhibiting with Casemore Kirkeby is Whitney Hubbs (US, 1977) who creates theatrical constructions using a variety of reflective everyday fabrics in her series Stutter Shutter. The materials are folded, tucked, taped, pinned and draped by the artist, then lit to dramatic effect.

Unseen Amsterdam 2018 runs from the 21st to the 23rd of September. Check out our programme, get your tickets now and start planning your perfect Unseen experience.

Header Image: Pretend Self Portrait #2, from the series Stutter Shutter, 2018 © Whitney Hubbs/Casemore Kirkeby​