CO-OP Insights: Radical Reversibility

by Unseen August 04 2017

Like every year, Unseen Amsterdam 2017 will showcase some of the most exciting unseen and emerging talent from within the photographic world. New this year, we are delighted to introduce a new element to our programme; Unseen CO-OP will bring together 13 of the most innovative artist collectives from all over the globe. Every week, we speak to each of the collectives involved to give you some insight into the idea behind their collaborative working processes and what they have in store for this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam. 

In this week’s CO-OP Insights, we have the pleasure of introducing Radical Reversibility, a research collective founded by Martine Stig, Frank van der Stok, Sjoerd van Oevelen and Elodie Hiryczuk. Experimenting with alternative visual strategies that radically reverse the paradigms so-called anthropocentric thinking and looking, Radical Reversibility work to question the ways in which Western lens-based culture represents a world that considers human values and experiences to be the measure of everything. Using a playful approach, the collective provides alternative approaches to visual depiction and representation in meaningful and unexpected ways.

1_Unseen_Lissitzky_In the studio_1923_0.jpg

What is the main reason you formed the collective?
A shared interest in the construct of perception and perspective made us join forces and take the common denominator of our interest as a starting point for further research. Apart from a conceptual overlap, we believe that working with a sustainable model for artistic research is very important. We exchange knowledge and points of views while challenging and testing out ideas.

What sets you apart from other collectives?
As a research collective we share questions, not answers. We look for alternative ways of seeing and experimenting with visual strategies to counterbalance the paradigms of lens-based image culture. Our aim is to extend our current visual playing field. We wish to create a platform to present and discuss images with like-minded colleagues, not only from the cultural field but also from other disciplines like philosophy, anthropology, architecture and science. 

3_Unseen_Martine Stig_study for Profiles#1 copy_0.jpg

Could you give us an insight into what you have in store for Unseen CO-OP 2017?
CO-OP 2017 will be the launch of Radical Reversibility. In this first public presentation we will show visual results of our individual artistic research. We will flash forward, anticipating on new technologies in the future, just as much as we will look backwards to pioneering artists that were experimenting with new ways of seeing in the past. For instance, we chose to center our presentation around a key photographic work by El Lissitzky. We also invited our first guest artists, Stephan Keppel and Hans Gremmen, who will collaborate on a new work for this presentation. We are also pleased to say that on the occasion of our Unseen CO-OP presentation, we will issue four special editions.

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