Boetzelaer | Nispen

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Boetzelaer|Nispen was founded by Marnix van Boetzelaer and Linda van Nispen in 2011 in London. In their first year, the gallery was a multidisciplinary space offering a wide range of projects by artists from London and the Netherlands.

After a year, Boetzelaer|Nispen relocated to Amsterdam and the space took the shape of a more conventional gallery. They represent and exhibit artists with special attention to the Dutch and British contemporary scene.

ARTISTS 2015 : Anouk Kruithof

ARTISTS 2014 : Anouk Kruithof, Maurice van Es, Michael John (MJ) Whelan, Peter Lamb

ARTISTS 2013 : Anouk Kruithof

ARTISTS 2012 : Anouk Kruithof