Espace JB

Switzerland, Geneva Stand 2

Espace JB has been promoting contemporary photography in Geneva for the last ten years at a rate of six exhibitions a year. Since 2010 the gallery is located in a landmark industrial building in Carouge. The mission of Espace JB is to present works by emerging (Ricardo Cases, Karolin Klüppel) or confirmed photographers (Martin Parr, Jim Goldberg) from either swiss or international origin. Works shown at the gallery explore the field of documentary photography in a broad sense. To push the boundaries of representation of the medium is something Espace JB aims to pursue. Within the exhibition space is a bookshelf which is used by the exhibiting artist to present a selection of editions allowing the visitor a deeper insight into his creative process.

ARTISTS 2018: Jonathan LLense, Lucas Olivet, Marine Lanier

ARTISTS 2017: Ricardo Cases, Vasantha Yogananthan