Anne Leigniel

The United Kingdom, London L A Noble Gallery

French born in Burgundy, Anne Leigniel left France in 1990 to live in England, then in America, Japan and Hong Kong. She is currently leading a nomadic life between Asia and Europe.

Starting in 2004, in her ongoing series Artists Rags Anne Leigniel has been asking artists from all over the world to give her one of their studio rags. She has so far gathered them from over 100 artists and more than 20 different nationalities. These rags belong to famous and unknown artists of different age groups, influences and schools and disciplines including photographers, painters, ceramicists, sculptors, installation artists, filmmakers, etc.

The rags can be fabric, paper or any other material found in the studio whilst making art. The origin of the rag itself, often tells a lot about the artists history. For example, we can find Japanese traditional tea towels or overgrown children’s clothes starting a second life in the studio as rags. Some artists have a rather affectionate relationship with their rags, fabrics coming from relatives or from special places.

Leigniel photographs each rag hanging on a nail on the white wall of her own studio in London. The rags drop from the nail and must fit in a 30 x 40 inch space. Here is where she allows herself to play with it. Using just one nail on the wall she turns and folds the rag, inspired by the nature of the material it is made of. They then take on a sculptural form in timeless silence, each one revealing something about the artist to whom it once belonged.