Unseen 2016: Unseen Shelfies

by Unseen March 24 2016

We have been having a photobook moment this March and revived our Unseen Shelfie Instagram takeover series. Every Monday for the past month, we have travelled the world as a different member of the photobook industry has taken over our Instagram feed to give us a glimpse onto what they have on their shelves. 

First up was Andrea Copetti from Brussels-based Tipi Bookshop, who gave us an insight into his world and what he’s stocking on his shelves at the moment.

Then, Matthew Carson from the ICP (International Center of Photography) Library, New York, and founder of 10x10 Photobooks gave us a tour of all the exciting initiatives and exhibitions that this photography “laboratory” organises as well as a glimpse into their collection. 

Last week, Kim Knoppers, Amsterdam-based curator at Foam and self-confessed “photobook omnivore”, took us on a journey through her vast and eclectic collection, showing us books as diverse as encyclopedias and novels as well as a fascinating selection of photobooks. 

Stay tuned for more Unseen Shelfies in the coming weeks and follow us here!

Background by Hrair Sarkissian © Kim Knoppers for Unseen