by Unseen August 30 2016

Presenting our next niche, Discipula. We are excited to show a snippet of their interview with Unseen Magazine and discuss what they will be presenting at Unseen 2016. Discipula is a contemporary visual research project. Holding multidisciplinary practice at its core, the collective focuses on the role and use of images in the contemporary mediascape.

What are the aims of your work and what questions is it asking?
Discipula’s work focuses on the exploration of the role and use of images in the contemporary mediascape. We refer to images as a means of power and control whose ambiguous nature can be used to determine shifts in the perception of reality. Our ultimate goal is to invite people to look at and reflect on what is hidden beyond the glossy surface of the visible. Given the research-based nature of our work, we are eager to explore ways to connect art production and educational strategy.

How does the work you are presenting at Unseen 2016 illustrate the wider ideas that Discipula is interested in? 
We will present our latest work How Things Dream: Communication, which is an advertisement campaign for a company, AURA, which operates in the field of data prediction. This work is the first chapter of a long-term project where we will speculate on the implications of the growth of new technology and its relationship to free market economics, power, and control. We will present a series of fictional advertisements and integrate photography, text and design. By mimicking, deconstructing and subverting the language of advertising, we recreate a familiar context through which to pose critical questions about the possible risks hidden behind the technology we own and use.


Want to read more? The entire interview with Discipula can be found in Unseen Magazine 2016, available here! Be sure to purchase your ticket for Unseen Photo Fair and see the niche in person.

Image credits: 
(cover photo) Healthcare (detail), from the series 'How Things Dream', 2016 © Discipula; (above) Security, from the series 'How Things Dream', 2016 © Discipula