Unseen Niches: Invisible Borders

by Unseen September 07 2016

Presenting our final niche, Invisible Borders is an artist-led initiative that works to enrich the discourse on trans-African exchange and ask questions about movement, diversity and cultural dialogue.

Can you give a brief description of Invisible Borders?
Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation is an artist-led initiative founded by Emeka Okereke and registered as a non-profit organisation in Nigeria. We aim to use art to ask questions about movement, diversity and cultural exchange and stand as a symbol of the exchange of ideas between cultures and people. We are also invested in questions of the everyday – that is, how artists can work with material that is otherwise pedestrian or prosaic.

What are you presenting at Unseen 2016 and how does this illustrate the wider issues and ideas that Invisible Borders is interested in?
We are presenting an installation that will combine text and image to create a mosaic collage-like rendition of experiences of border crossings. Images from the road trip as well as excerpts of writings will be presented as composites, and as fragments of experiences with as much nonlinearity as possible. Invisible Borders has always been about mapping a space that proposes a subversion of the artificially imposed demarcations between people and cultures. Every footstep, every stretch of emotion, every impression of experience is part of the process of the subversion of a colonial and neo-colonial cartography by which many – categorically in the African Continent – have been held hostage.

Be sure to head to their space at Unseen Photo Fair!

Image credit:
Participants at Frederick Lugards Rest House​,​​​​​​ Lokoja Nigeria, 2016 © Invisible Borders