Winner ING Unseen Instagram Competition 2017

by Unseen November 15 2017

© Claudio Rasano

Over the last two weeks, photography lovers and enthusiastic Instagrammers were called on to submit their interpretation of the 2017 ING Unseen Talent Award theme Common Ground for the ING Unseen Instagram Competition.

Earlier this week the ING Unseen Instagram Competition closed. The Head Curator of the ING Collection and Artistic Director at Unseen were asked to select the photograph that best interpreted the 2017 ING Unseen Talent Award theme Common Ground. After a fantastic number of almost 600 submissions, we are delighted to announce that the winning photograph was submitted by Switzerland-based photographer Claudio Rasano.

Rasano's interpretation of the theme Common Ground: 'When people find themselves in certain situations, overwhelmed with emotions due to circumstances beyond their control, we don’t think of boxes, of male female, race or nationality, we don’t think, we react, and in so doing become equal - we find Common Ground. This image shows the fragility of life and the importance of holding on together.'

Astrid Wassenberg, The Head Curator of the ING Collection, said of Claudio Rasano's submission: 'The image submitted is very striking and immediately grasps your attention. The questioning of what it is to be human, what we value and the spaces we inhabit make it particularly pertinent to our times.'

Emilia van Lynden, Artistic Director at Unseen, said of the entries to this year's ING Unseen Instagram Competition: 'It is great to see that each year the submitted works are substantially increasing in quality. The theme ‘Common Ground’ was interpreted by the vast majority of applicants as having a distinct sociological link whilst focusing on the strength and resilience of their fellow man. It is fantastic to see that so many people are engaging with this competition and are generating such an insight into the world around us.'

Read more about the ING Unseen Instagram Competition here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their work to this competition, and we look forward to seeing more from you in the future!